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Zanskar is the trans-Himalayan valley which experiences winters. This region is fostered by the popular Zanskar river and has a diverse topography. The population here majorly follow Buddhism. During the summers, Zanskar is the perfect spot for river rafting, and during the winters, as the rivers freeze you can shift over to activities such as skiing. The flora here is majorly thick vegetation encompassing the Tundra, Alpines and the blue poppies.

In short, Kashmir can undoubtedly be termed as “Paradise on Earth” with its breath-taking valleys and scenic landscapes with snow-capped mountains which this region is famous for all through the world. what better when the local people here are so hospitable too making your vacation a beautiful experience. While you are, do not forget to purchase some of the world-famous souvenirs made by local craftsman as their livelihoods depend on that. Have a look at our various Kashmir tour Packages which is suitable for vacation as per your needs.

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