Kargil Tour

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Location: A district of Ladakh, lies on the line of control (LOC); 205 km from Srinagar.
Best Time To Visit: May and June.

Kargil served as an important centre on the trade route of the Pan-Asian network.Merchants carrying silk, brocade, carpets, tea, poppy and ivory  passed through Kargil on their way to Central Asia. Trade flourished along this route till about half a century ago.
This wonderful and serene destination has the majestic Himalayas for a backdrop and several divine rivers nourishing the region.

At a height of 2704 metres above sea level, Kargil offers a base for numerous adventure tours to the Himalayas. Kargil has a mixed ethnic population accompanied by a rich cultural identity. Folk songs such as ‘Rgyaglu’ and ‘Balti ghazals’ are popular here. You can find the most distinctive natural beauty here along with a number of tourists attractions.

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